Recipe: Delicious Kababs & salad #Ramzan special

Kababs & salad #Ramzan special. Our dishes are made with vegetables, chicken, beef and seafood. We accidentally showed up an hour too early. Dahi kabab are mostly found on the North Indian restaurant menus.

Kababs & salad #Ramzan special Succulent kebabs made with minced lamb, marinated in..kabab, boti kababs, patili-ke-kababs, ghutwa kababs and seekh kababs, lamb, pasinda, ram The menu includes appetizers, sandwiches, and entrées (kababs, stews). Veg shammi kabab with step by step photos. Shammi kabab is a very popular and delicious Awadhi dish made from minced meat, lentils and spices. You can have Kababs & salad #Ramzan special using 11 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Kababs & salad #Ramzan special

  1. You need of Salad regular as :.
  2. It’s of Carrot, beetroot, cucumber & radish.
  3. Prepare of Coriander for garnishing.
  4. You need of Kababs recipe:.
  5. Prepare 500 grams of Mutton or chicken.
  6. It’s of Kababs masala (Mehran or any brand).
  7. You need of Lime juice.
  8. You need of Spices as per taste.
  9. You need of Ginger garlic paste.
  10. You need of Coal for Smokey effect.
  11. Prepare of Oil for frying.

In this post I have shared a vegetarian version of. Learn how to cook Indian Seekh kababs with this simple recipe that uses lamb, or whatever meat you like, paired with a mint-coriander chutney sauce. Delicious handcrafted Halal Kababs grilled to order. Flavorful Kabab sandwiches garnished with Baba's signature sauces.

Kababs & salad #Ramzan special step by step

  1. Wash & marinate the chicken/mutton u are taking if it’s mutton u have to chopperise it after marination.
  2. In the material prepared we need to give smoke of charcoal affect by burning one coal coin keep in small peice of foil paper or steel cup adding a dash of ghee on hot coal cover the lid for 10 minutes.
  3. Once this process is done just use ur hands or if u have kababs sticks grease ur palms via oil take some material then roll in a shape of kababs. We can do the same with hands either using thin spoon back stick for homemade options.
  4. Then freeze it for few hours once it settles hard then deep fry it on medium flame in preheated oil.
  5. Once it turns golden brown remove it. Gradually do this for rest of them garnishing with coriander leaves & a dash of lime juice & enjoy the yummy kababs @ home..
  6. Tip of the day: at the point when u stored in freezer once prepared u can also use air tight container to store for almost a month..
  7. And if u don’t want to go for long process and prepare instantly we also have an option of frozen kababs just bring it onnnn !!!!.
  8. Store it & fry it any moment & enjoy..

Kabab Masala Recipe in Urdu & English available at Kabab Masala Recipe is a traditional bbq recipe on the sooperchef menu and is loved by foodies of all ages. Kabab synonyms, Kabab pronunciation, Kabab translation, English dictionary definition of Kabab. or ke·bob also ka·bob n. Shish kebab. n a dish consisting of small pieces of meat, tomatoes, onions, etc. Dahi Kabab Recipe, Dhai Pakoda , How To Make Dahi Kabab Recipe.

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