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Recipe: Delicious Dry fish fry with tomato paste

Dry fish fry with tomato paste. A dry prawn with tomato masala is made dry prawns cooked with ridge gourd in a flavourful spicy tomato masala. In the same oil add whole garam masala, chopped onions; cook these onions till. Homemade tomato paste is an entirely different — and utterly more delicious — beast than the kind you can buy at the supermarket.

Dry fish fry with tomato paste Once again wash, drain and set aside. Clean the fish steaks for Vanjaram Fish Fry and dry them thoroughly on a paper towel. If you've never tried fried rice with tomato before, give this one a shot and you'll immediately add this dish to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner repertoire. You can have Dry fish fry with tomato paste using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Dry fish fry with tomato paste

  1. It’s of Sugar.
  2. Prepare of Salt.
  3. Prepare of Garlic.
  4. You need of Big onion.
  5. It’s of Tomato.
  6. You need of Dry fish.

So I used tomato to make a thick paste, like for a tomato pizza sauce, and then I added a bit of ketchup and sugar to further enhance the flavor. Fish Fry is the easiest starter recipe, which can be prepared without a putting in much efforts. Begin with washing the fish thoroughly under running water. Pat dry and keep aside in a strainer till Take a tray and marinate with yoghurt, garlic paste, ginger paste, turmeric and salt.

Dry fish fry with tomato paste instructions

  1. Prep your ingredients as seen in the picture below. 1- deep fry or just fry your fish,any way will do. Set aside once done..
  2. I’m using the same cooking oil,to fry my garlic n red onion until golden brown and fragrance then add in tomato. Keep it fry n mixed well with medium heat until tomato get mesh..
  3. Then add in your fish,salt and bit of sugar to taste.make sure not too much salt because the dry fish abit salty. Stir n mixed well,just add in abit of water if it’s got too dry. Stir stir and done. Ready to serve. It taste so good I promise. Follow me in Instagram at homecooking39 .

If you want to make it. Small dry fish curry recipe homemade. Have you ever tried Sri Lankan style spicy dried sprats curry with tomato? If not, here is a good chance to make it possible. This time, I am going to show you how to cook the best spicy dried sprats.