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How to Prepare Perfect Egyptian fried fish

Egyptian fried fish. Turn at least once and shake the pan once or twice to prevent the fish sticking. The Best Egyptian Fish Recipes on Yummly Golden Parmesan-herb Crusted Salmon, Easy Baked Salmon With Herb Butter, Stir-fry Thai Noodles With Chicken Meatballs.

Egyptian fried fish Jamaican cuisine Fried fish Escabeche Seafood, fried fish, cooked fish with vegetables PNG clipart. Pescado frito French fries Fish fry Fried fish Spanish omelette, fried shrimp PNG clipart. Normally, Egyptian food begins with a soup, which can be prepared according to a large number of recipes, using ingredients such as tomatoes, watercress, legumes or beans, with herbs that provide. You can cook Egyptian fried fish using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Egyptian fried fish

  1. Prepare 2 kg of fish (preferably Sultan Ibrahim).
  2. Prepare of Salt.
  3. It’s 3 tbsp of cumin.
  4. Prepare 2 head of garlic.
  5. It’s of Oil for frying.
  6. Prepare of Flour for coating.

Named after the city where it originated, this easy fried fish dish is a great appetizer or side dish to complement the main course. Pan fried whole fish is a dish commonly prepared by Chinese families. Pan fried fish is both simple to make and is a crispy, savory and delicious fish dish! Fried Fish Recipe is very simple to cook and more healthy compared to red meat like pork or beef.

Egyptian fried fish instructions

  1. Rub cleaned fish with salt and leave aside for 2 hours..
  2. Crush garlic and mix it with cumin..
  3. Stuff fish with garlic mix and leave aside for 1 hour..
  4. Roll fish in flour then deep fry till golden. Serve with fries/baked potatoes and green salad..

I'm sharing this Fried Fish because some who are new to cooking are requesting for this easy to. Roast besan till it begins to smell good. Do not over fry or brown it. It is eaten fried or cooked with shrimp, fish, or meat. Fried fish is a delicious dish.