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Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Asam Fish Head with Tomato

Asam Fish Head with Tomato. Lightly season fish head with salt and pepper. Remove and discard any excess water from the plate. Mix the water and asam jawa paste and strain the juice.

Asam Fish Head with Tomato This spicy red snapper fish basic broth seasoning was chilli, garlic and shallot. Asam jawa (tamarind) paste and sometimes belimbing wuluh (bilimbi) This made palumara ulu juku fish soup is special, just perfect to serve in a rainy days from october to march in Indonesia. Famous food cuisine in Muar, Asam Fish Head. You can have Asam Fish Head with Tomato using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Asam Fish Head with Tomato

  1. It’s of Asam chili.
  2. Prepare of Fish-head.
  3. It’s of Sliced ginger.
  4. It’s of Tomato.
  5. It’s of Soy sauce.

Who loves to eat asam fish head, with families or friends, is the suitable choices. Asam pedas (Indonesian and Malay: Asam Pedas, Minangkabau: Asam Padeh, English: Sour and Spicy) is a Minangkabau and Malay sour and spicy fish stew dish. It is from Indonesia and is popular in Malaysia. The spicy and sour fish dish is known widely in Sumatra and Malay Peninsula.

Asam Fish Head with Tomato instructions

  1. Cut tomato into slices.
  2. Put the fish head in the plate.
  3. Put the sliced ginger in the fish stomach.
  4. Spread the ready asam chilli onto the fish head.
  5. Put the cut tomato surrounding the fish head.
  6. Steam for 15mins.
  7. Ready to eat .

Asam Pedas (Spicy Tamarind Fish) is a spicy and tangy Malaysian fish dish that is sure to whet your appetite. Feast on it with lots of steamed rice. Assam Pedas Fish – Classic Malaysian dish that's sour, fiery hot, and tastes extraordinarily satisfying. (In the United States, even in California, it's almost impossible to find fish commonly found in Malaysia.) I love pomfret and it's a good substitute for Assam Pedas. Sour and spicy sauce with tamarind and ginger flower. Hotness ranking Nyonya Style Asam Pedas Recipe